December 11-19, 2020 | Twitch & VR
December 11-19, 2020 | Twitch & VR
dicembre, 11º 2020, 10:00 am | dicembre, 19º 2020, 2:30 am
December 11-19, 2020
Fusolab 2.0, Rome Italy, Ex Cartiera CityLab 971, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

2020 Rome


Audio Visual Digital Art Festival


11 – 20 december 2020


A small particle, but able to give rise to all forms of light: the photon is the smallest and brightest fragment of the universe, of microscopic dimensions but of enormous and multiform creative power.

And it is precisely from this concept that FOTONICA is evolving, from 11 to 20  December in a special ONLINE edition totally for free from the Twitch channel or in our Virtual Room created in collaboration with Arte19VVR.

Also for this edition FOTONICA Festival confirms the international attitude that distinguishes it, by collaborating with a  network of national and foreign partners, amongst all Athens Digital Art Festival , Lunchmeat Festival, Cerrado Mapping Festival, Live Cinema Festival, Cairotronica, Bright Festival and System11.

A unique festival in the panorama of Audio Visual Digital Arts that now, more than ever, exploit technology and virtual reality to maintain a high level of cultural  offer and to break down the obstructions that prevented, until now, the participation of a non interested audience or, worst, an audience lacking of the appropriate tools to participate.

As for this purpose we’ve created a virtual environment and live streaming channels where it is possible to discover and to participate in Fotonica in a safe, interactive and innovative way. Arte19VVR VR Rooms host digital exhibitions, VR Mapping, lecture and live av performances, which can be enjoyed, as the vj/djset even through the live interactive streaming on Twitch. Workshops, as the lecture and talk are given also by the partners on Meet and Zoom channels.

The live streaming scheduled activities includes:

AV Performances 

VJ/Dj Sets

AV Installation

Mapping VR

Net Art 

AV Digital Archive





AV Performances tell short Audio Video narrations, presented by national and international artists who are constantly looking for experimentation, both in terms of creativity and of relationship with the audience, who, even if not physically present, in fact attend a live show.

Vjset and dj set have already experienced live streaming for the past months and for sure are the most dynamic and irreverent section of the program: free rein to the imagination for a new way of entertaining!

The VR Room setup foresees an exhibition space where Digital Arts coexist while maintaining the heterogeneity of contents presented every year by Fotonica. For the entire duration of the Festival are available an AV installation, a VR Mapping show by Cerrado Mapping Festival, the web art exhibition El Mundo Nuevo in collaboration with and the huge AV Digital Archive of international Audio Visual Performing Arts on Vj Television. 

FOTONICA then created a large space dedicated to the theoretical and practical study of audio-video and digital art thanks to talks and workshops.

FOTONICA Festival is produced and organised by Flyer SRL, Linux Club e, with the help of our international partners. The project is winner of the open grant “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020 – 2021 – 2022” the cultural program sponsored by Roma Capitale and the support of Regione Lazio and SIAE.

FOTONICA Festival is also part of PAC (Performing Arts Contemporanee) network, made up by different Roman cultural organisations, involved in the creation of “Contemporaneamente” and many other national and international events. Our goal is to share our proposal to introduce a synergistic and virtuous mechanism. We mainly aim to start a shared and coordinated promotion device in order to plan the activities so that the entire community can benefit from these events.

Special thanks for the support to “Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Rome”

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2020 Rome