November 29, December 7, 2019 | Centocelle/Alessandrino Roma
November 29, December 7, 2019 | Centocelle/Alessandrino Roma
novembre, 29º 2019, 10:00 am | dicembre, 8º 2019, 2:30 am
November 29, December 7, 2019
Centocelle/Alessandrino, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy


For this edition, the locations selected for the festival are two:

Nuovo Cinema Aquila, cultural centre of Pigneto, hosts the AV performances, Installations and DJ/VJ Set;

Fusolab 2.0, hosting the activities dedicated to learning for adults and children with workshop on the Audio Visual Digital Arts new techniques.

The selection of those locations fulfill the need of enclose the borders of the V municipality, one of the most active borough of Rome and most important one of the newest vibrant places in town.

Nuovo Cinema Aquila
Via L’Aquila 66, Roma

Fusolab 2.0
Viale della Bella Villa 94, Roma


Cinema Aquila: Sala 1

AV Performances

FOTONICA location Cinema Aquila: Sala 1

Cinema Aquila: Foyer

AV Installations | VJ-DJ Sets

FOTONICA location Cinema Aquila: Foyer

Fusolab 2.0 Outdoor

Video Mapping | AV Installations | Meeting Point

FOTONICA location Fusolab 2.0 Outdoor

Fusolab 2.0: Classrooms


FOTONICA location Fusolab 2.0 Classrooms

Fusolab 2.0: Fucina Alessandrina

Food | Meeting Point

FOTONICA location Fucina Alessandrina

Fusolab 2.0: Vasca

Workshops | Lectures

FOTONICA location Fusolab 2.0 Vasca